Sunday, July 4, 2010

Working Out

I worked out for the first time since I became Jane. Granted, that was only a week ago, but I had already established a 2-3/week routine and, like any guy, I was focused on getting my biceps in peak form so I when I decided to make the change, one of my first thoughts was, "what am I going to do about my arms?" I was afraid to work out. After all, I didn't want to bulk up in any areas I didn't want bulked up.

Then I came across this In it, she has some work out tips for guys making the transition to gals. She even started out with arms that were bigger than mine and now has some dainty, feminine arms with no flab. Granted, she's had surgery, but I don't think they have arm surgery for m2f. I don't know though.

Any way, what she recommends for the upper body are the fly and the pull ups - not traditional pull ups, but I guess they recreate the same work. Basically, you are laying on a bench, holding the weights behind you and then you lift up. This works the back of the arm muscless and certain chest muscles - the kind we girls want to work out. Apparently, they help shape the breasts better, especially for fillers. The fly does the same thing. She recommends many reps of light weights.

For the legs, she recommends cycling, which I enjoy, but when I go to the gym I usually walk the treadmill. Not this time. I had forgotten how much cardio one can get when one cycles and how much easier it is to read/watch TV while cycling. The time flies faster. That's all she recommended about the legs, but I also worked my flabby thighs.

After that, come the abs - abs, abs, and more abs - both vertical and horizontal.

I'm glad I found the site. My goal is work those muscles, especially my abs, and then burn, burn, burn, calories.

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