Monday, July 19, 2010

It's the Little Stuff, Isn't it?

I just treated myself to a bubble bath. This is something I never did as a guy. Yes, I did take baths to relax, but never poured in the stuff to make it a bubble bath and it really does feel good. When my ex and I went house shopping she always wanted to make sure she had a big tub. Never figured out why, but now I know.

I am confused by the overwhelming choices that have to be made at the store. As a guy I tried to keep my skin in good shape so I used a facial wash and facial scrub but all I had to do was go to the shaving aisle, grab the product and go. I think Nivea is really the only big company that makes products like that for me. Even now using my guy stuff feels yucky. I hate using it but I don't want to show up at work every day smelling like Mango. And that's another great thing I mentioned before - the selection. The fruits, smells, varieties are all great. I've also loved mango so that was my first choice and I'm glad I did. My skin feels great (except for all the hair) and I smell pleasant.

But getting back to choices, what do women need for their face? I guess there's face wash and exfoliant but is that it? And what does a girl do? Go to the store, go with a brand and stick with it. I've noticed since my "emergence" day (I think that's what I'm calling it, I don't like calling it a "birthday" but I know I came up with a better name than emergence) that I've been paying more attention to female-focused commercials. I think I like Dove but I wonder if Avon would be good? I can order it via catalog and have it delivered by someone I probably don't know. Something to think about it. I feel funny examining the women's products at the store. Walgreens had a sale on panties and I thought about getting some, but didn't.

Ah well, I think that's it for tonight. There was something else I was going to say but I can't recall. It's getting late. My ex-wife (the most recent one, no kids) is starting to come around and I feel like I can talk to her more as Jane. She even told me where I could get a swimsuit wrap in my size for a good price (I joked with her that I was tempted to keep hers the other night when she came over to swim).


  1. Hey girl

    When I began living as a woman and wearing makeup everyday, I started to find out what products I needed to keep healthy skin.

    In the morning, I usually:

    1. wash my face with a cleanser (couple times a week I use an exfoliant cleanser instead)
    2. I shave. (even with laser...I don't see much hair but I can feel it and I want the makeup to go on smooth) I don't use shaving cream but cheap hair conditioner instead.
    3. Use toner/astringent. This reminds me of some kind of alcohol solution. It closes the pores after shaving and before moisturizing.
    4. Moisturize with a face moisturizer. I also tend to use an eye cream under and on my lids and rub some chap stick on my lips too to keep them moist as well.
    5. Then I apply makeup.

    At night, I simply remove the makeup, cleanse my face again, and use a night moisturizer too.

    For my body, I tend to just apply body lotion a couple times a week, primarily in certain areas after shaving. I don't exfoliate my body nearly enough but that's supposedly good to do too.

    Hope that helps some. I also have a video I made on youtube showing me doing all this (in super fast speed).

    To answer your title though...yes it is the little stuff =) I hope your ex can be accepting. My ex-wife and I can chat about shopping or this or that sometimes but she still won't call me by name or use female pronouns.

  2. Thanks! This was very helpful.

    As for my ex-wife we have talked shopping before but at this point I haven't asked anyone to start using my female name/pronouns, although a friend of mine does call me Jane in private. I'm not sure how she'd do with that.