Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Therapy Thursday!

Well, I'm going to a therapist Thursday and I can't believe how well it worked out. One of my first "action steps" was to see a therapist to explore my feelings about being transgender, determine if they were legitimate or not, and help map out my next steps. Earlier this week I checked out a local TG resource and found a list of counselors in my area that specialized in transgender issues. I then cross-referenced this with counselors approved by my company's EAP program (on a discrete website, or so I was told) and 2 of the 5 were on the list. One was smack dab in the middle of a busy business district the other was a bit north and less crowded, so I opted for the less crowded area. I called on, I think Monday, left a message and heard back from her yesterday and to my surprise, had an opening this week! I happen to be on vacation the rest of the week before starting a two week training class (I teach) next week so that could not have worked out better. I'm excited.

On another note, I met a woman on craigslist who had some clothing for sale and bought a bag for $20. Some fit, some didn't, but all were in decent shape. I think I have a good start on a wardrobe now. There is one that I really like - a pretty black dress that fits very well. I think I just need a belt for it (black belt? white? something else?) and I'll be set. If nothing better comes along, I think that will be my "coming out" outfit, although I saw this light blue top with brown skirt combo I really liked, too. We'll see :).

Finally, kid weekend coming up and it's going to be a long one and incorporates my vacation so Jane will have to slip away for a little bit (I may still blog) and make room for Al. Ah well. The way the schedule works out after this weekend it'll be the standard two weeks before I have my kids over again so I'll have plenty of "Jane" time then. I really wish I could just be Jane full time :(.

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  1. Congratz girl =) Hope the time with your therapist goes well. Just keep in mind if something doesn't mesh well with the therapist, you can always get a second opinion. There are therapists out there that are not so great. Just keep that in mind but I'm sure it'll go great!

    Also with the black dress, black belt for sure =)