Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Night Quiet Time

Sunday nights seem to be the one night of the week I can count on having a quiet and free night. Chores are done (or I'm tired of doing it) and I'm ready to roll for the week.

My mind has been wandering quite a bit these past several days. I have another appointment with my counselor on Friday. She had an opening for last week but I thought that would be too soon. I almost wish I had taken it. It's not like I'm depressed or anything, just confused. And not confused about what I want - I know what I want. I want to shed my male body and embrace my femininity but, like I said in my journal, I have two feel firmly planted in the masculine world and that's one of the things I want to talk to my counselor about.

I'll tell you what I do like - I do like the facebook/aol/yahoo ads geared to my feminine side (I've been doing a lot of window shopping on line and I guess those applications have picked up on my cookies). I like replacing my "Nivea for Men" products with L'oreal products. I like friends giving me things like old earings (a pair of which will go wonderfully with a dress I bought) and I like walking around the house in girly pjs. Not to mention washing my "delicates" and replacing my guy clothes (my trans friend James is going to get first crack at those) with women's clothes. So far I have two dresses, about four tops, and a pair of capris. I'm also getting bolder about buying girly stuff in public - pantyhose, face wash for example and guess what? The whole store didn't stop and point at me. Cool. You know what I really want though? A jean skirt. But first, Dollar General had a nice top and black skirt combo I will pick up next time I'm up that way (if they still have my size).

So, that's it for now - hope you all have a good week! Supposed to be a hot one here in the Midwest.

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