Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shaved My Legs!

I was going to wait until after swimming season to shave my legs for the first time but I looked at my calendar and figured it's going to be at least two weeks before I have to be seen with someone in a pool. I have my own pool so I don't have to use a public one and the only people I see inviting over for a swim are people I am out to, soooo...I figured I was safe. Not sure how long it'll take to grow back but I'm thinking two weeks should be fine. If not I'll figure something out.

So, on the way home after dropping the kids off I stop by Walgreens and bought some shaving gel and lotion (along with a few other items to disguise my other purchases - I am getting more comfortable shopping for Jane while I am out and have a good cover having daughters and all), went home, and shaved it all off (I also bought some nail polish - purple). I have to say it required some stretching and bending I didn't know was possible for my own body. I had a lot to shave so my blade pretty much dulled by the time I was done but I think I got nearly 97% of it. I noticed I did miss a few spots (mostly behind my thighs - how do you get that spot?). I didn't really think much of it at first but it really hit after I put some lotion on my legs. It felt good - so clean. I know a lot of guys, when they make the decision to explore their feminine side, yearn to get read of their male genitalia. For me, it's the hair. Oh, and the first time my legs brushed up against each other it was definitely a strange feeling!

So when I'm done I go down to the family room (I live in a split foyer) and pop in my Sunday night NetFlix DVD (a classic Dr. Who - Peter Davidson's "Time Flight" if you follow the friendly Time Lord) and go to paint my toe nails. Geez, talk about more acrobatics! I finally got them painted (two coats) and like the look of them. I picked out purple, my new favorite color. It was such a wonderful experience to select among the many colors and I love clothes shopping and the selection available for women - even picking out a bra and underwear. Who doesn't love this?

So, a good night and huge step forward for Jane. Hope you don't mind the picture.


  1. Congratz girl =) I used to love shaving my legs. And it took a long time.

    Now it's just a necessary act I do every week and a half in the shower in the morning ;)

  2. There's nothing quite like the feeling of freshly shaved legs. Especially the first time. :D